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furrygirl July 13th, 2006 05:50 PM

Study seeking female-bodied folk for a herpes vaccine trial
I recently got my first shot in a vaccine trial I am taking part in, and I wanted to let other people know about it, since I think creating vaccines against STIs is a great thing. (Even though the whole thing is done by Glaxo-Smith Klein, an big vivisecting pharma corp, I support humans volunteers getting compensated for choosing to be a part of medical research.)

In order to be in the herpes vaccine trial (locations in lots of US cities), you must be 18-30, female-bodied, and negative for both oral and genital herpes. They give you either the test vaccine (which CANNOT give you herpes) or a Hep A vaccine, and then follow up with you every few months for almost two years. The object is to see if those with the test vaccine are contracting herpes "naturally" at a much lower rate than those without the test vaccine. (You don't get to know which shot you've been given until the end of a 20 month trial.) I'm not doing it for the money, but you get $360 (at least at my location in Seattle) over the course of the study, $40 per one-hour visit, along with $20 for your screen appointment to do a blood test to see if you've already been exposed to herpes.

The vaccine does contain egg albumin, just to let you know so you can make your own veggie decision about it. I think it's a lesser evil in the long run to get a non-vegan vaccine against something that would otherwise possibly make me buy non-vegan herpes meds from giant pharma comapnies for the rest of my life. (Same sort of reason I tell people that it's better to use a non-vegan condom than take the risk of disease and unwanted pregnancies.)

The site to check out is:

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