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Volodya September 23rd, 2009 04:49 AM

Three Cheers for Pseudo-Science
This is a comment posted for the article Porn can't become the norm by Rahila Gupta.

Three Cheers for Pseudo-Science
  1. The report is titled ‘Corporate Sexism: The Sex Industryʼs Infiltration of the Modern Workplace’, yet when the numbers from pornography are used, there is no differentiation between corporate and self-made pornography/erotica.
  2. “A fifth of men, it finds, are prepared to admit to accessing porn while at work” is useless, for one men are much more likely to admit to watching pornography at work than women. Womenʼs sexuality is still too much of a taboo. But wait, no numbers of women watching pornography are mentioned at all. So i did my miniature “study” and went and asked this question myself and (while my “study” is far from “double blind”, i must admit that itʼs not very scientific) what i gathered was that women tend to watch pornography more as an aid to masturbation. I myself, although donʼt identify as ‘man’, can from experience say that manʼs pornography viewing is more of an act of stress relief. So itʼs far from surprising that men would watch more pornography in a corporate work environment than women. If you want to change that remove the stress and allow people to masturbate!
  3. “The most important finding of this report is that workplaces where such behaviours are widespread are also likely to be places where women workers experience a range of other sexist behaviours and harassment.” This is a very strong statement, and could have actually saved this article if followed by the definition of what is meant by “a range of other sexist behaviours and harassment”, but because it was not i am forced to induce the definition from the tone of the rest of the article, which is “pornographic material displayed for the purposes of sale may create a degrading and hostile environment, and could amount to sexual harassment”, so what we have is “Workplaces which have people viewing sexual images allow the display of sexual images” (Wow, really?).

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