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Default AR movement's attitude to sex/porn

What is the attitude towards sex radicalism/porn etc in other vegetarian/animal rights movement? I heard yesterday from a friend who have some animal rights activists from Spain visiting, that they apparently thought it was terrible to be on a site like this etc etc. I've always regarded the Swedish AR movement as pretty lame regarding these issues, but I think it's not so influenced by antiporn radical-feminism that it used to be, ten or five years ago. Though when I was on a AR gathering last year, someone stole all my copies of G-SPrOuT and probably threw them away, because I saw some people who disliked them. But they never said anything or tried to have a constructive conversation about it.

I guess the Swedish mentality plays a role here, and swedes are often said to be more afraid of conflicts than in other cultures. Probably also with myself as well, and I've often kept a low profile regarding these issues, not to "provoke" etc, and talked about it mostly when asked about it... And still, most discussions are on a pretty theoretical/political level, where "what kind of porn you like"-discussions are taboo or to private to talk about or whatever. So my main observations from Sweden is that people don't really talk about it, right now. Many people could have a "past" in antiporn cultures, but like myself, is not anymore.

Also, I think it's strange that there are no (I think) models on vegporn from UK. They are often said to have the strongest AR movement, and the percentage of vegetarians there is much higher that any other European country... Maybe a need for more advertising and PR?
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