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Originally Posted by d_felham
Btw, is Burning Angel (and the other productions by the same models such as Tristan Taormino's House of Ass) considered to be alt porn, or mainstream porn, or a mix?

From my view, they seem to have been in charge of much themselves, starting upp stuff and choosing what to do etc, and have better looking guys, and some punk rock attitude/style etc etc - but at the same time mostly feautures submissive women, and focus on male orgasms, and sometimes seem to assume that the viewer is male etc...
I don't really know what label I'd apply to it, but I do like Joanna's work and I think she's a smart lady. While the beauty/hetero standards that her work tends towards the mainstream more than Veg Porn and No Fauxxx, I don't think that catering to what an average hetero male wants to see is wrong. I can't speak for her, but I'd guess that the tone of her work seeks to mock the rampant pretentiousness of many alt/erotic porn makers, a bit of a rebelion against porn being overly serious and political. While I do like my porn "political" (whatever that means), I think that some folks also into "political" porn can forget that not everyone's view of perfect smut is the same as their own, and that some women and men are perfectly happy with more mainstream sexual standards without being some kinda brainwashed idiots.
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