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As an American, I'd say that most animal rights people here are anti-porn, whether it's a big part of their political schtick or just a minor gripe with the world.

(The funny thing about discussing this sort of thing is that I have more complaints about the porn industry than just about anti anti-porn activist, except mine are totally different from theirs and I love porn.)

I've talked/debated about this issue a lot over the years, almost as much as I've talked with people who think vegans are some kinda mentally-challenged nutcases, so I suppose it feels tiring to think about.

One of the things I will say is that I think there is a fundmental problem with the way that animal rights activists approach other issues. AR folk are trained to see things in terms of helpless victims versus murderers, and when they try to take that line of reasoning into other areas, it doesn't work. A sex worker is not a voiceless victim who needs outside interests to speak on her behalf and make guesses at what she would want for herself. To make such assumptions is incredibly rude and degrading to women because it treats sex workers as little more than battery hens. Sex workers are very capable of speaking and organizing on their own behalf, around the issue that actually effect their lives, and for outside interests to step in on some moral crusade about how they're going to "save" the poor sex workers from exploition is insulting and obnoxious.

As for Veg Porn models in the UK, we have Kristofski.
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