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Originally Posted by furrygirl
Joanna has never mentioned to me if she's veg, I don't know about any of the other models on Burning Angel.

"I went to Paris when I was in college once. That's when I broke my veganism. I tried ordering something vegan in a restaurant and the waitress didn't understand what I said like the first day I was there, so I just ate what I got. It was creamy and something really un-vegan and it tasted really good. I never went back. But that's a different story." /Joanna Angel

"I was vegan for like a bunch of years, and then i went to Paris, and man. I tried, but I just had to eat some chese. Like, I had to. I went a few days with out sicumbing (sp?) to the pressure, but i just couldn't take it after a while and i caved in and ate the biggest slab of brie in all of France.

And like, it tasted so good, because nothing vegan tastes like brie. Like you try and buy this substitution cheese crap, and it doesn't even come close to what cheese really tastes like. And after you've been vegan for a long time, you don't even rememebr what good cheese is. You start settling. You're like... oh yeah, this soymage stuff is fucking great. yeah. yum. give me some more.

But then like, i came home from Paris, and i was like.. i should really go back to being vegan, because like... that's just what's right. It's what I should really be doing right now. And I tried, but it was really hard, because like... i kept thinking about that god damned brie.

But then, a few moths later i threw in the towel and was like, fuck it, and now i really mean fuck it, and started eating sea-food. and then i forgot about cheese all together and moved on to bigger and better things like slimey little pieces of eel that cost like $16 at the trendy sushi places. It's healthier and a whole lot cooler than cheese." / Joanna Angel

though some other vegans over there (just to prove my google skills )

”Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist”
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