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"Eros Zine: You mentioned you were a political activist; what causes were you involved with?

Joanna Angel: I did a lot for animal rights, also for human rights; a lot of stuff with political prisoners; I was part of Amnesty International.


Eros Zine: Do you still consider yourself to be doing political work? In other words, is porn political? Are you changing the world?

Joanna Angel: Well... I feel like I'm changing as much as I can. I think that a lot of people really like what I do, and I think what I do is a positive thing. I think sex is a very big part of life. everybody has sexual fantasies, but a lot of times people are so repressed and it can be dangerous.

I know that females really can be empowered through their sexuality when they don't have to hide it or feel guilty about it. Somebody can watch my movie and learn something about themselves -- and that makes me happy. I also have a lot of fans that read my blog every day and manage to open up a piece of themselves that they didn't know about before. Some part of themselves that has been waiting to come out."

/ Eros Zine
”Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist”
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