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Some more vegetarian porn stars and ex porn stars: Serenity, Jasmin St. Claire, Teri Diver, Erin Brown & Pamela Anderson.

/ source

And probably also Vince Vegan in Porny Monster.

And in Creme De La Face #23: 8 Pretty Girls And A Dyke:
More naughty play, Rodney never does get to fuck the dyke, but black boots made her cumm pretty good, the two girls were having a pretty
good time, the banter between the dyke and Rodney was near priceless.
Rodney fucks black boots, withdrawals his cock dripping with cumm from
her pussy and cremes her face. Dyke comes over to black boots on her
knees, and gingerly licks off the creme from black boots' face. She
smiles and says, "I am also a vegetarian, so I need to get as much
protein as I can!"
”Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist”

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