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Hmm, being a solitary hermit-like figure, keeping an eye on things...

Aye, "sex" in general to people I've noticed around me, is just..."sex." But the problem is, "sex" has it's intentions too. It may be painful because of angry rape. Or perhaps it's a sharing of love between beings. Or maybe it's just a way to "relieve" one's self, through getting picky about a person's appearance, then trying to "win the person over" with an non-close-knit relationship.

Ah heck, we're all adults here, of course you get what I'm saying; especially with your general encounters in this life of the world.

Intentions. Aye. The thing we ought glare at behind everything that's "done." Yeah, since I notice people around me, there's a variation of course, since it's all multicultural, and ALL sorts of walks of encounters....usually, it's just not brought up as much; sex that is, only if it's about safe sex etc etc.

As for the AR peoples around where I am, I really haven't talked to them personally yet, since I haven't started volunteering or establishing a network yet, but hey, the way it seems, they're all quite laid back and open-minded about it.

Seems they have no trouble telling between forceful prostitution, to consensual love, etc etc.

Ok, I had no wish to be dogmatic nor repetitive (I just noticed it occured by re-reading), but anyhow...I guess where I am. The city of such great variation, and being overrated, with such different walks of's not so bad. Just..expensive to live. =-p

I dunno, just my encounters and what I'm aware of for now.
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