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I knew several very active bisexual vegans when I lived in Seattle many years ago so I am familiar with the stridently anti-porn attitudes of some of them. Like virtually every major controversy of our time, people have a tendency to treat issues in a conflationary way - telescoping many different but related issues into a single one. The bisexual activists I hung out with in Seattle clearly equated all pornography with the Hugh Hefner girly magazine genre. Newer lesbian-owned and produced erotica raises the question of who is exploiting whom and whether the same message is being promoted as in Playboy.

As far as the anti-transexual feminist polemic is concerned, this is a new and deeply disturbing piece of information for me. Girls trapped in a boy's body have enough social ostracism problems to deal with without being vilified by "feminists". Fortunately, the anti-transexual statements given above have old dates attached to them so I don't know if these attitudes are still current - let's hope not. In a way some of these statements seem based on the old idea that people 'choose' to be gay except that here the idea is that people choose to be trans-sexual rather than being driven to it by biology.

Please tell me that my fellow vegans don't still believe this kind of thing.
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