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Default Zeraph: Yellow Chair

Janie (2005-06-02 19:04:02)

OMG I love your strap-on! A very sexy set.

lucretia (2005-06-04 11:48:05)

will you marry me? we don't have to tell the politicians... *(~winks~)*

Zoe Vespertine (2005-08-31 20:41:19)

the picture of jesus on the wall is just perfect

Unknown (2005-09-11 07:20:20)

I actually like the first seven or so photos the best; what a handsome face!

Ewon (2005-09-25 05:19:09)

Yowza. I want to be the person who belongs to that knee about halfway through the set! You're wonderful.

Margie (2005-10-05 17:20:02)

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