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I don't really follow Max Hardcore's stuff, but unless I had information that he was exploiting models, I'm not going to say I'm against it. You can't judge the working conditions under which a product is created by looking at the end product- even if violence fetish porn isn't what turns me on. As much as people flip out over the violence niche, I like to remind people that the one company that has more allegations of mistreating models than any other remains Suicide Girls. I don't know whether any of that is true or not, but it serves as an important reminder that you cannot tell whether a model was treated with respect by management by looking at how the content is marketed. Looking at a cup of coffee, you can't tell if it's fair trade or not, right?

I saw Rob Zicari (Rob Black) of Extreme Associates speak in 2006, and although his style lacked, well, the sort of political nuance I'd include if I were being prosecuted for obscenity, I still appreciate the guy. He was on stage at a porn convention saying stuff like, "Bring it on, fuckers, I'm not going away and I'll never take a deal" to law enforcement. I respect that, I really do. In an age where almost anyone charged with any crime immediately tries to broker a deal and blame their friends for their actions to get a lighter sentence, here's this abrasive pornographer giving the feds the finger and standing up for himself. The world lacks that.

Janine, convicted of tax evasion, has a support site: She's either a) not yet serving time or b) not serving time as "Janine Lindemulder", since the Bureau of Prisons doesn't have her listed or an address for her.

There's also the Rose Red lady, but I haven't really followed that, either.
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