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Originally Posted by Volodya
While i cannot relate to the feeling that you have experienced, i do think that from the political stand-point the word "age" is missing. And while we are on the subject "ability levels" or something similar needs to be in there too, i'd think.

Alternatively it's possible to just say "everybody" and then give "examples" which makes it less embarrassing when you miss an important category.

The list could get very long if I try to include a word for everything. Age, ability levels, height, weight, class, BMI, whether or not a person is a parent, income level, immigration status... it goes on and on.

While "age" was never purposefully excluded, I think that it's obvious that Veg Porn is one of the most open and inclusive porn sites ever made. (I'd count as my non-veggie sister.) I don't recruit, so anything that's not on the site is "missing" because no viewer has submitted it yet. I'd be happy to get submissions from people older than their 20s, but for whatever reason, making porn, even alt/indie stuff, appeals almost exclusively to 20-somethings.
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