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Default Dirty Diaries - Swedish feminist vegetarian made state sponsored porn

The film Dirty Diaries were released a couple of weeks ago. The producer I think is vegetarian, and I know that some of the film makers are. The producer, Mia Engberg, made a documentary about ten years ago about an animal rights activist from Sweden, called Kött är mord (Meat is murder).

I think the film has gotten most attention because of the feminist agenda when making it, and also because it is state sponsored (half a million SEK).

It can be ordered on DVD.

It can also be rented online at

An innovative collection of Swedish feminist porn:
Hardcore action and vanilla sex, queer and straight, flashing and fucking, provocation, penetration and poetry. Orgasms and art in unique films for an open adult mind.


# Skin - Regi: Elin Magnusson
# Fruitcake - Regi: Sara Kaaman & Ester Martin Bergsmark
# Night time - Regi: Nelli & Andreas
# Dildoman - Regi: Åsa Sandzén
# Body contact - Regi: Pella Kågerman
# Red like Cherry - Regi: Tora Mårtens
# On your back woman - Regi: Wolfe Madam
# Phonefuck - Regi: Ingrid Ryberg
# Brown cock - Regi: Universal Pussy
# Flasher girl on tour - Regi: Joanna Rytel
# Authority - Regi: Marit Östberg
# For the liberation of men - Regi: Jennifer Rainsford

”Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist”
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