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Originally Posted by d_felham
I remember when writing this, that I also found a site that was a bout an anti porn documentary. In the trailer, there was a scene with Joanna Angel from Burning Angel, but I forgot to save the link to the site and can't find it. Does anyone know which one it is? And what other documentaries can you recommend, pro and anti porn...

You're likely thinking of "The Price of Pleasure".

I know someone who somehow managed to get a copy, I must prod her again about adding it to torrent sites. (It costs $200 or something for showing in university women's studies courses and whatnot.) There were a few public screenings, some of which were attended by sex workers.

Documentary-wise, I really haven't seen much. I've seen more films about other forms of sex work.

Here's the lineup from this year's Sex Worker Fest: My favorite (I only saw about half of them), was "A Safer Sex Trade" from Canada.
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