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So... I was absolutely horrified when I found this out about Carol J. Adams. I have read three of her books. At the time, they seemed pretty good. Heck, one of my favorite non-vegan professors said it would be exciting if I got her to come speak on campus... which I think is weird because it turns out my professor is way cooler than Carol J. Adams.

Weird, I didn't know Adams was Christian. Most vegans seem to be atheist, so I'm not surprised she wouldn't mention it.

Anyway, I am a big supporter of all gender identities (or lack thereof), not to mention queer, so I am really horrified that I ever liked this woman's work. Okay, it isn't completely null and useless, but it seems to me that she makes her epistemology into an ideology. Not to mention the utter hypocrisy of her trans-misogyny!

I am trying to update the Wikipedia page on Carol J. Adams to include this criticism of her transmisogyny, but the most explicit accounts of it are not found on any "legitimate" online source... even though two of my sources would be considered legit to Wikipedia, someone deleted my entire criticism section saying "blogs are not legitimate sources." So do you know a source I could cite that is not necessarily online, but would be considered legitimate? I think it is important that this goes on her Wikipedia page if possible, to expose her for the trans-misogynist she is. Or maybe I will just write a blog post about it. Sigh!
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