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I haven't come across any explicitly anti-queer vegans, but perhaps there are some quiet ones (Carol Adams?).

degrading to women because it treats sex workers as little more than battery hens.

I know what you're saying and don't disagree, but I dislike the way you phrased that. No one is "more" than anyone else. You might be more something than a battery hen, but please name it because it's too easy to degrade non-human animals by merely describing ourselves as "more" than them. Then we become "more" everything than them.

I understand it is wrong to think of women in porn as helpless victims, but are you suggesting that battery hens are helpless victims? If not, then how will you describe them? I don't have answers, just looking for some.

I actually used to be anti-porn, I guess. Not staunchly, but I kind of went along with people like Carol Adams. I am Zen Buddhist and not a very sexual person (thought about ordaining), so it was easy to be anti-porn. I still detest alcohol, but I respect others' right to drink it as long as they aren't hurting anyone. But porn... whatever. Mainstream porn makes me want to puke. I have seen genuine lesbian porn and was amazed that the women didn't look like drones, but were actually depicted as individuals... you know, more than just their sexual organs.
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