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Originally Posted by Sarabi
I know what you're saying and don't disagree, but I dislike the way you phrased that. No one is "more" than anyone else. You might be more something than a battery hen, but please name it because it's too easy to degrade non-human animals by merely describing ourselves as "more" than them. Then we become "more" everything than them.

I understand it is wrong to think of women in porn as helpless victims, but are you suggesting that battery hens are helpless victims? If not, then how will you describe them? I don't have answers, just looking for some.

I absolutely do consider humans "more" many things than animals, notably in intellectual capabilities and self-awareness. I think you'd have to be mentally a bit off to think that humans do not have certain capacities that nonhuman animals do not. That's not to say humans are more deserving of not being killed or better than animals per se, but you can't argue that a hen is the exact same everything as a human, especially when it comes to being able to speak for herself in a political arena.

But, by all means, if you would like to prove me wrong and point to where chickens are organizing themselves and having protests, producing web sites, magazines, and conferences by and for chickens, I'll reconsider thinking that sex workers are different from chickens.
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