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Default Welcome to the Veg Porn board! Please read this before posting.

It's my hope that this will be a useful and welcome addition to the rest of the good stuff at In my own experiences at a couple of huge veggie forums, I found the general attitudes to be a lot less sex-positive than I prefer, or even downright misogynist, so here's my remedy for herbivores looking for an online community that is kink-friendly as well as veggie-friendly.

I don't have a list of rules at this time, but in general, I hope that the site doesn't attract the type of people who need constant reminding that they shouldn't be posting hateful, sexist, racist, queer/trans/homophobic, fat-phobic, or other such rude comments. Play nice, and don't pick on other people over their bodies and sexual preferences. I don't want to be a heavy-handed moderator and I will delete spam and inappropriate comments, but I hope to let most threads run their course so long as they stay reasonably civil and "above-the-belt".

Please don't post "pornographic" images of yourself, unless you're already a model on the site. I know it has been ruled that internet companies are not liable for content posted by third parties, but I still don't want to take the risk that such a law could change and I'd end up responsible for proving to the US government that every random porno pic is of a person over 18. So, keep 'em R-rated or tamer, since age documentation laws apply to anything raunchier than pin-up type nudes.

I've had this forum set up without little sub-forums, instead using a short little prefix for all threads to give other users an idea of what topic a thread falls under. So, please utilize this feature by tagging your threads as

[Intro] for introductions and hellos from new board members
[Site] for anything that relates to the site other than set talk, which goes under...
[Photos] for comments and discussion of Veg Porn's photo sets
[Veg] for anything vegetarian & vegan related
[Sex+Porn] for all the slippery fun stuff! (and smutty politics)
[Health] as a herbivore and sexual healthcare- take care of yourself!
[Set Comments] threads for talking about a given photo set
[Other] all that other stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere

You can also check out all the threads in a given topic by using the drop-down menu on the main/index page of the board.

Veg Porn models: please email me after creating your profile here, just so I can verify that it's not created by an imposter. Also- get the nifty "Model" title added to your profile! Go to your user CP, then "Group Memberships", and request to join the group "Model". After I approve you, go back to that same place and tick the options for "identify me as a member of this group."

If you've tried to sign up and never got a confirmation email, this is because the email was spam-filtered or even blocked by your email provider. For some reason, Veg Porn has a lot of spam-filtering against us, which must be because of the word "porn" in the domain. Gmail has been known to accept our emails, so try getting an account there if you didn't receive a confirmation email. Sorry about that, but I'm not one of the people who runs an ISP and assumes on behalf of my customers that anything to do with sex in unwanted junk email.

Off we go!

Furry Girl

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