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Old October 5th, 2007, 11:41 PM   #1
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Red face [Intro] Greetings....

Greetings. I've been aware of this site for about a year or two.
And it's always nice to see something natural and the people on this site.....and vaguely sense that there are people out there that cherish compassion and life...while having the sexuality as a positive aura.

Well, there's lots to say about myself....which would be easily found elsewhere on the net...but it's too controversial....but speech...with an intention that wishes unconditional love and peace...with one and all.....

I felt it's time that I'd join...though all this time spending so much time on the computer....while shuffing back and forth.......going in that solemn mood....sometimes feeling chidlishly happy......sometimes sad......though there is suffering.......I just end up saying often "I'm SOOO slacking off, until combat calls, only will I just get ready and slash" or something similar.

Aye, it's good that this site is around.....
The aura....I mean it's set for adults to talk about sexuality in a positive manner WHILE not being pushed around for going vegan and so on.

Like...seriously. I'd guarantee that people would want me on the cross if I were to be like "*ugh* Corpses and sex makes me feel sick.....mind if I call it natural to stick a spear through ya for dictating that it's natural for non-humans to have their little war while we're all so defensive? C'mon, it's "natural" right?"

Well, I like it here, though I shoulda come sooner like a year ago, I chose not to....maybe until I'm calm or something. It's just that I'm usually short-tempered, and my trash-talking/trash-debunking would tick people off dangerously. Or perhaps if you see those "haters" that are usually teenage boys who are misguided in ways.....posting such hateful comments and whatnot to veganism.....I'd not persuade them into more hate by trash-talking them.

I dunno. I'd wish to share my location too and whatnot....but I'll mention that I am in Western Canada somewhere.....

Yeah, and the way I just share my mood and talk and whatnot.....I never bother "keeping on topic." I just ramble right now.

Then again....I grew up.....going about sexuality....concentrating that sexuality in a positive way.....while shaking off the negative auras and illusions that oppressors invent over time.....

I NEVER believe in "beauty/ugliness" and sense that as an illusion invented. I believe in unconditional love. Love without a reason. Love as a core of everything, sealed away by pessimistic desires. Same goes with taste. I concentrate on NOT ranking taste.....and keeping that pickyness to a minimal. I mean everything has different taste. Rice is rice. No harm at all. Water is water. No harm at all. A woman's face and another woman's face. No harm at all. I refuse to compare and rank women saying "who's better looking" and whatnot. It just feels as bad as racism, though I've no intentions on offending anyone, so keep note of that. The well-being of things....that's something I concentrate on. Food, *pfeh* I refuse to just simply succumb to meat by getting picky about taste either.

Then again, I feel there is no such thing as an "evil" person nor will I act like I am "holier than thou." Like...that's gonna keep unconditional love hard now eh?

Well, despite how I always feel the urge to spear some misguided people, well, people are misguided in their own ways.....sometimes imbued in illusions people invent overtime...sometimes the misguidance is so heavy...that they go a negative path...lost...into bringing havoc intensely somewhere in this world. I just hope they will change. But there will be some misguided individuals...that I may have to hurt if such individuals draw arms against me, in a way that I'd have trouble disarming such individuals. It's crummy to get into violence just to resolve something....though I will go at it in self-defense if necessary.

Well, I've got my own flaws...still picky about least to a minimal.

My sexuality. The sense of feel. I've kept it positive too. Orgasms....hah. Once I find someone who I'd feel safe and trusting with....any sense of feel that is comfy....I'm not gonna turn sex into a competition thing like many corporate porn influences many people to get into. Basically..share the comfort without judgement or any of that. Any physical features... is not harmful. Joy. Ah. That's the core of everything.....that is sealed by illusions....that we'll unseal as we go....

Despite the despair and oppression....from many categories..especially sex and animal rights......the moments we rest...sexuality and love is healing...and the moments we need to battle on...battle on without regrets....

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Old October 6th, 2007, 02:46 PM   #2
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Old June 25th, 2008, 11:33 AM   #3
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It occurs to be that Wo Dao was kind of gut-spilling and didn't get much in the way of reply. And there are some aspects of this introduction that I found fairly interesting...

For instance, the concept of "beauty/ugliness" being an illusion? I kind of like that. I don't believe it entirely, but it's a nice thought. While physical attractiveness has never figured into whether I'm sexually attracted to an individual, I still acknowledge the existence of asthetic pleasure. I have to admit that sometimes there will be something about a person's beauty that just takes my breath away. But it's strange that this should figure into sexuality. You can't fuck a landscape, or a painting.

And while sex is about total sensory immersion - including sight - I would hazard that the sense of touch is by far the most important. Yes, some of us get turned on by the sights of sex, but this is mostly pertaining to the experience... Not that someone has six-pack abs, or a perfect tan, or makeup that's done just so.

Although I concede mainstream society's point that human beauty does exist, that's where I stop agreeing. Our culture's idea of who/what is or isn't beautiful is so ridiculous that after thinking about it, one could really feel ashamed for buying into such obvious bunk. But it's difficult to realize this when the message is everywhere, and everyone else seems to believe it. It used to make me wonder: I am crazy? Is a huge cock and rock-solid muscles really all it takes for a man to be happy? Is a woman really unfulfilled unless she has jutting hipbones and triple-D breasts? Is there really no in-between, nothing that departs from this "norm" altogether?

I think it's very important to make it clear that you don't believe in the widely accepted regulations of "beauty," otherwise countless others suffer this same dilemma. And even for those not agonizing over it, this is an important point to make to those who would not otherwise consider it. I'm not a big supporter of soapbox-preaching, but little everyday things can make a huge impact. It's whether you agree that those Victoria's Secret models are all "SO hot," or laugh with the crowd when you see a "fatty" jogging by. It's whether you just try to convince your friend she's conventionally beautiful, or point out the flaws of the system she's trying to fit into.

Goodness, I certainly didn't mean to turn this into a rant. And thoughts on all this would be heartily welcomed.
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Old June 29th, 2008, 03:33 PM   #4
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Just thought I'd drop by.

Well, just a heads up:

I get dogmatic at times, as a compromise to mold things with my own hands. The way I feel, "think" etc I have no hesitations on the concentration of being fair, no matter what flaws I got...."moving on without regret" as they say.

Yeah, I'm not sure what I typed and rambled in the intro, and lazy to even re-read..hahha....but I'm certain I've changed in a few ways as it's been a while since I typed that looong into..hahah

Aye, I guess just to put it in general....I just feel it's quite unfair to hate on someone regardless of how they appear. Heck, I grew my hair long as a guy, I sure had my fun of ridicule. And so I ask the bullies:


I even was ready to start a fight or even take out a knife that day, if I was going to be harmed, for having no ill-intentions whatsoever... (this was long ago back in high school, which wasn't so long ago.)

But alas, I sure did pass on my influences. People sure tend to be open, and actually SEE that it's physical appearances are harmless. And that being well is what matters. Strange how my friend says "those guys finally respect you, and such, they're coming to an understanding." (Even though I was loathed at for my sleazy lazyness..HAH)

I dunno, long story.

Yeah, I too don't buy into that whole mainstream perception of "beauty." The definition's gotten so tainted that I'm just gonna be sarcastically dogmatic and close-minded about it when I'm not serious...hahah

It's just not in me to slag someone off whether they appear "this and that" or don't fit into the definition. Sure, I'm not "perfect," but hey, I stick to what I solemnly wish to stick by, and wish to change the flaws that I got in me, even if it's going to take a long time.

Sometimes, I even get upset for certain friends. I mean, some girls I've talked with, I was like "HUH?!" when they were dissatisfied with their own appearances to the point that they'd end up bending to the will of certain guys (the ones who I won't even be patient with due to the misguided attitudes.).

Like just to put it simple, I tell'em "hey, if no one likes you, just because the way you appear, that's a sign you shouldn't waste on damn **** of a second with them."

Hey, I did the same thing as a guy. I let my hair grow. I dress however the hell I want. If someone's going to harm me for such crapass things, I'd draw my sword to them, and hope it ends in understanding and harmony, instead of more hate and mistrust: after a duel that says "fighting is a waste of time, hating on someone for their, differences that intend no harm; is a waste of time."


My bad Danny, everyone else. I guess I am rambling again. The unease I feel elsewhere still...annoys me. I just don't like injustice.

And "one person has an influence on many." Aye, true that.

That's why I don't speak much about myself. I still got answers I need to find. I'm still a youth.... (although of legal age to be here also...hahah). And I tend to have a habit of keeping it simple.

Aye, it's good stuff you shared your "rant" there Danny. But just a quick note:

Despite what I even said, I'm not necessarily in that "state" within where I actually am all that I rambled. I just happen to notice which attitudes of mines are "unfair." And so I stick to concentrating on self-change...and influencing other folks.

Yeah, anyone else got somethin' to say...feel free. If you got somethin' to mention...just spit it out. Even if my constant rambling here's quite whacked and off...hahah
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