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Exclamation [Sex+Porn] About FFF and A-Kongress

For those of you who are close to anarchist politics (or are crazy enough to actually call yourselves anarchists) you might have heard about the incident of Anarchist Kongress in Germany shutting down with the Fuck For Forest members being accused of being the cause. I've actually done a little bit of investigation of that, asking those who have been at the Kongress and sending the e-mail to FFF themselves, they have kindly agreed to allow me to post the text of our exchange...

Note: E-mails were top-posted, i've changed that, the rest is original wording.

> > On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 5:57 PM, VolodyA! V Anarhist
> > <Volodya@...> wrote:
> > Hi, brothers, sisters, etc,
> >
> > So far i've had a lot of respect about what you are doing, but i've just talked
> > to a comrade who has attended A-Kongress and she says that a group of people who
> > identified as members of FFF were disrupting events there.
> >
> > Now i don't really care if people consider nudity or sex disruptive. I think
> > that if that'd be the only complaints i would definitely take your side.
> > However, the person i've been talking to (who i've grown to trust on issues like
> > that) said that she was aware of sexist and homophobic statements used by the
> > group members in order to silence the complaints.
> >
> > Doing a radical pornography site myself i currently provide a link to you. I
> > also link and publicise your site and project through other projects of mine. As
> > you understand it, i would not want to be associated myself with homophobia and
> > sexism. Therefore, i would ask you to please let me know about what your take on
> > what has happened is.
> >
> > Now, i really hope that this is some kind of misunderstanding, and am awaiting
> > your reply.
> >
> > - Volodya (of Freedom Porn)

Info FuckForForest wrote:
> > Hi there..
> >
> > This story is kind of sad. Having a connection to Anarchistic
> > philosophy we went to the Anarchistic congress to see what “organizing
> > anarchism” could be all about. The first day a workshop called “sex
> > and anarchism” attracted us and we felt we had to go there to see if
> > FFF could fit in. We talked a little about FFF and then some of us
> > took our clothes of to demonstrate the freedom of being naked. We got
> > both positive and negative reactions and decided that the next day we
> > would make a meeting point for people who wanted to join us for an
> > nude road block/demo. The next day we went to the meeting point where
> > we met someone form the anarchistic congress telling us that no nude
> > protest would be tolerated at this place. Being inspired by our own
> > anarchistic impulses some of our group got very sad by this statement
> > and then took of their clothes as a statement. Then the whole chaos
> > started for real. Some people said that we were offending and should
> > go away at once. Being offending with our naked body on an anarchistic
> > congress was for us kind of strange but we felt if was very important
> > for us and the people around to stand up for what we belive in. FFF
> > fights for saving nature, but we also want to legalize nudity and
> > sexuality, that acctualy is criminalized in our society. We understand
> > that some people will get offended, but what about tolerance? We think
> > that we have the right to be naked without getting discriminated too.
> >
> > We find it kind of surreal what kind of discussion that happened
> > because of this. The people responsible for FFF (Leona, Natty and
> > Tommy) we are all bisexual, so I guess the homophobic accusation
> > should fall away because of this. FFF has a lot of gay/queer friends,
> > we believe in liberating sexuality and nudity, not suppressing it. And
> > we believe in the freedom of personal choice and we are for sure not
> > sexists. Maybe the people screaming to us and threatening us because
> > we were naked or part of a non-profit erotic website should think
> > about what the word sexism means; Suppressing someone because of their
> > sexuality or sexual orientation. And this was now happening to us. I
> > guess being a part of FFF did not make the naked demo easier. Many
> > people choose to judge us only because of our connection to the
> > project (we make PORN). If we were only naked this is one thing, but
> > being naked AND a part of FFF is too much to handle for some people.
> >
> > When it comes to all the roomers about what happened. We find it very
> > scary and alarming what we experience as propaganda made by
> > manipulating the truth to fit with their own philosophy. There were
> > people there making up issues just to get us in trouble. We got called
> > everything from sexists to rapists. The good think was that many
> > people also got on our side refusing the other people to throw us out.
> > The anarchistic congress actually got closed because of this. They say
> > it was because it was too many people showing solidarity to FFF. FFF
> > is about having fun with sex and nudism to create a social sexual
> > change and to save nature. All people on our website is there for fun.
> > If anyone feel uncomfortable with being on the website we remove the
> > photos or video at once. We have no rights to the photos and videos,
> > it all belongs to the people involved. This makes it very hard for us
> > to misuse people because the freedom of choice is always present. We
> > heard so many lies on this meeting and we have seen even more on print
> > in different discussion forums after this. Some people say we only
> > have thin sexualized people on the website. This is not true and would
> > be obvious for anyone being a member of FFF. We do not choose people,
> > people choose us and everyone is welcome. All colors, all genders and
> > all sexual orientations are more than wanted. We cannot understand how
> > some people get to the conclusion that we are sexists or homophobes.
> > This is from our point of view manipulation and lies by people who do
> > not understand what we are doing or how we are doing it. Maybe some
> > people do not understand that it is quite easy to find sexual people
> > who would like to fuck for forest. We do not need to lie, drug or rape
> > people to make this project work. But it seems like some people would
> > like to think that we are a manipulating part of the “porn industry”
> > using any means necessary to exploit all people around us for the
> > benefit of saving nature. This us just too much for us to handle. This
> > experience shows us how fascism is born. Through lies and
> > manipulation. Fascism starts where tolerance ends we think and it is
> > scary to see this kind of political tactics on an anarchistic meeting
> > in Berlin. Really, this was too much!!!
> >
> > Some of our friends said after that they never had felt so suppressed
> > and discriminated in their life. The people actually wanted to attack
> > us with violence because we were naked. There were some people from
> > the anarchistic congress that all the time tried to destroy the
> > discussions by using very manipulating methods. By stopping the
> > discussion by making new issues, by lying and by making chaos by
> > purpose. It was for us both a funny and horrible experience. It for
> > sure teaches us a lot about some of the people in the political scene.
> >
> > This mail gets very long now but the whole experience was very
> > intense. What did you hear exactly? It is interesting to hear the
> > different stories about what happened, because there are many.
> >
> > FFF is promoting all kinds of free sexual expression. We have many
> > different friends connected. Homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual,
> > bisexual, transgender all colors and shapes. Everyone is welcome. We
> > are NOT homophobes. We are NOT sexists. The people judging us just
> > because we are part of FFF could be called sexists and for us they are
> > also fighting against individual freedom. We are sorry that we may
> > sometimes “offend” people with our expression. But we do this because
> > we feel it is important. What is offending with a naked body anyway?
> > Is it not kind of strange that some offending naked bodies are able to
> > make the whole anarchistic congress turn into chaos? That for sure
> > offended our relationship to freedom and anarchism. Lets copy society,
> > end tolerance and make rules and laws against offending public nudity!
> >
> > We hope you got some answers. It is hard to write down all the feeling
> > we have to this, because it is many. We hope you understand that our
> > expression for some people is so unaccepted that they will turn to
> > lies to hurt us. We are not saying FFF is perfect, we are many people
> > with different lives and ideas and we cannot talk for everyone who has
> > ever helped FFF (over 1000), we are many individuals.
> >
> > We hope you still will be our friend. Please share your thoughts about
> > this issue with us and keep us updated about what you hear. This world
> > brings us down…
> > ¨
> > Kisses!
> > Leona, Natty and Tommy
> > FFF
> > Sexualize your revolution!


It does sound like something which happens when a certain strand of radical
feminists attempt to silence people. I must say that so far your story sounds
much more plausible to me than accusations coming from others. After i have
inquired further from my comrades who have relayed to me the original complaints
against you, i found out that they were too far away to hear what was being said
during the commotion and actually simply were telling me what somebody else has
told them.

It also does seem like the issue was that you have chosen to be naked, and i
fully support that decision (although personally i have never gone nude in
public before, i assume it would be a liberating experience). I guess some
people confuse sex with sexism, that probably comes from 1970s model of radical
feminism which said things like "In sex man fucks and woman gets fucked" etc, i
disagree with that. There are many contemporary radical feminists who also do.

Two weeks ago, i have (actually by accident) ended up attending a closing
workshop of the Sex Worker Open University in London. They have also talked
about people lying and manipulating the truth to get them to shut down. There
are also reports about Carol Adams (from FAR) being quite anti-sex and
anti-trans, etc (i'm attaching the article that you may have a read).

May i suggest that you issue a public statement, which i may link to from my
site (and also post to places like VegPorn, etc), to clarify what is going on. I
would like to copy what you have written to me, but as it was addressed to me
personally i feel that would be inappropriate.

In solidarity.

- Volodya
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I hadn't heard about that, thanks for posting.
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To be fair i should also post a link to the opposing perspective. I do have a lot to say about this, but i think that by now people can actually do their own research without my help.
May all the sentient beings benefit from our conversation.
~ VolodyA! V Anarhist
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