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Default [Set Comments] Jennie Mutation: Safer Sex

Libertine (2005-05-17 10:50:31)

hot, hot, hot, ...oh my gawd, hot!!!

jennie mutation (2005-05-17 14:38:26)

thanks! blush.

Janie (2005-05-18 15:12:24)

What a great set! So many toys and you know how to use them well xo

lucretia (2005-05-22 22:43:09)

there are few things hotter than a bbw woman with male genitalia in satin bikini breifs... keep it up! and always use condom sense! *(~smyles~)*

lucretia (2005-05-22 22:45:39)

by the way, i'd love to see a set with you in full lingerie....

jennie mutation (2006-02-24 20:30:19)

janie- thanx! can you tell that i used to work in a sex shop? yeah, i have a lot of toys, but i play well with others.

lucretia- hmmm. full lingerie? i just got a new job. maybe when i get my first paycheck i'll buy some sexy lingerie and shoot a set in them just for you.
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