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ABOUT VEGPORN.COM, from its founder/owner Furry Girl

VegPorn.com is the first and only adult site made by and for plant-eaters! This is a very unique site in that the theme isn't based on size, age, weight, color, etc, it's based on lifestyle/ethical choices. Veg Porn is run by me, Furry Girl. I'd been interested in sex work for some time, and at 18 did my first softcore porn shoot for a megasite. The experience was anything but sexual, and I ended up looking bored, tired, or pissy in most of the photos (because I was bored, tired, and pissy from dealing with the cliché creepy photographer.) I did a lot of research and decided to open my own site, which I've been doing since January 2003. I opened Veg Porn in fall of 2003 as a link site to promote other web girls who eschew meat, and after getting lots of excited feedback, built it up into a membership site. And here we are.



If you'd like to email the webmaster, click here. If you'd like to interview me for something, please make sure to state the deadline of your project, so I can get to your questions in a timely manner. Email sent from people wishing to argue about merits of veganism or the ethics of pornography will not be answered. If you are up in arms about one or both of the themes of this site, there are a number of other places for you to debate your views.



VegPorn.com uses CCBill to process credit cards. Your credit card information is protected from theft with secure 128-bit encryption. Monthly memberships rebill every 30 days, and you can cancel any time. If you have any billing problems, questions, or lost your password, click here to go to CCBill's Support.



Veg Porn is no longer seeking models.



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