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Erotic Red: Passionate red porn made by a variety of wonderful models

Fuck for Forest: Environmentalist porn from Norway/Sweden, with profits going to their work

Toes in Action: A vegan-run non-nude fetish site for the female foot connoisseur

The Sensual Liberation Army: Sex, porn, politics, links, and more in this blog

Seska: A long-running erotica/sex ed site from a woman who has been vegan since 1994

Hippie Goddess: An earthy collection of natural hairy women in beautiful settings

Cocksexual.com: Hot, exclusive, independent strapon porn from models of all sizes and genders

Beautiful Agony: A unique twist on porn: videos of men's and women's faces and they has an orgasm

I Shot Myself: Self-shot, artistic nude photography from women around the world

The Crash Pad Series: Hot indie porn featuring real lesbians, queers, and transmen

Trixie's Houseboy: A sexy collection of amateur guy porn featuring Tucker

Homegrown Video: In business since 1982, the best in homemade amateur XXX

Tasty Trixie: Live shows and hot photo & video updates from this sassy natural lady

Streamate: The biggest web cam network, where you're sure to find lots of sexy people to watch

Indie Nudes: A mix of indie porn sites and more hot stuff- there's something for everyone

Jane's Guide: A smart, sex-positive review site with regional listings, galleries, and comsumer tips

Eco-porn: Great Sex For A Good Cause from SF Gate

Interview with Furry Girl, Trouble, and Mirha-Soleil Ross on Animal Voices radio:: part1.mp3 & part2.mp3

The Quest For Sweet Seamen by By Hank Hyena

Yapping Out Loud for Animals and Prostitutes! an interview with Mirha-Soleil Rossby

Vitamin B-12, Sex & Internal Secretions by Robert Cohen, Author of Milk A-Z

Sexual Intelligence: "Sex -- and culture, politics, and media -- and sex, by Dr. Marty Klein"

Savage Love: Everything you ever wanted to know about sex and weren't afraid to ask

The Naked Anthropologist: "Dr Laura Agustín on Migration, Trafficking and the Rescue Industry"

Food Fight!: Vegan grocery store in Portland with online buying of snacks and goodies

Herbivore Clothing: The former magazine publishers still make cute animal-friendly clothing

Veg Web: The best source anywhere for veggie recipes anywhere, submit your own, too!

Vegan Outreach: A good informational site on why and how to go vegan, plus free veggie starter packs

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