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Alias Alix
Gender Wouldn't you like to know?
Location Portland
Email Members only!
Wishlist Glass toys, membership to No Fauxxx, cash, expensive sushi, vintage pearl necklaces

Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian and/or vegan since 1999
Veg story I think I first went vegetarian b/c I didn't want to eat anything that was bred to die. It seems so long since then. I just love food, and meat and dairy doesn't fit into that for me. Food is so important to how I feel about my body and life in general, and I like to eat lots of vegetables and beans and grains that make my body feel good.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already You'll taste better.

Day job Selling clothes on eBay
Night job Hot-Ass DJ
Authors Tom Spanbauer, no one else compares to you
Directors I'm bored with movies now, just give me some cheezy late 80s/early 90s flick and I'm set.
Bands Too many to name. Right now, Mary J. Blige, The Fitness, Talib Kweli, Mirah and Paul Simon
Star Trek or Star Wars Star Wars
Guilty pleasure I'm not into guilt
Turn-ons Sassy, femme-ass-bitches; kindly, dapper gentlemen; anyone who spends at least an hour on their appearance before going out; buying me dinner; chubby bellies; accessories; making consent dirty; biting; long, well-manicured nails
Turn-offs Classist, racist, queerphobic jerks; fish-mouth kissing; athleticwear
Mods Tattoo and piercing free until a month ago
Where I'm going God, I've tried to figure that out and I've started to accept that it's not even remotely in my control.

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