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Alias Brae
Gender innie
Location in the pittsburgh vacinity, PA
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Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian since 2000, vegan since october of this year.
Veg story the concept of eating something that was alive and had emotions just weeks before has always disgusted me. when i was in middle school a friend of mine showed me some videos of what animals go through in factory farms and since then i couldn't eat meat without feeling guilty/disgusted.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already go veg to save lives. not to mention it's much healthier for you.

Day job exhibitionist
Night job keyboardist/laptop tech for darling waste
Authors hunter s. thompson, chuck palahnuik, william upski wimsatt
Directors tim burton, tarantino, m. night shyamalan
Bands demented are go, devil dolls, dead kennedys, the dead boys, patti smith, the cramps, sham 69, the vice squad, abrasive wheels, the partisans, dead milkmen, the vandals, x ray specs, the briefs, the cramps, crass, the krays, agnostic front, 7 year bitch, manson, ramones, operation ivy, pulp, echo and the bunnymen, nekromantics, sex pistols, rancid, minor threat, stiff little fingers, hole, sleater kinney, social distortion, the distillers, violent femmes, the devotchkas, good riddance, bikini kill, porno for pyros, haircut 100, the cure...
Star Trek or Star Wars star wars
Guilty pleasure comic books x10
Turn-ons hip bones, collar bones, pretty eyes, intelligence
Turn-offs stupidity
Mods nipples pierced, 00 gages, straight-edge X's on shoulders, day of the dead themed sleeve in progress, and ragdoll/lullaby on upper thighs.
Where I'm going hopefully to college for holistic medicine.

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