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Alias Chris
Gender Male
Location Malmo, Sweden
Email Members only!

Herbivore stats Vegetarian since 1995
Veg story I first went vegetarian in 1995, after coming in contact with animal rights philosophy in a fanzine, and reading Peter Singer's book Animal Liberation. Two years later I went vegan, which lasted for some years - now I´m kind of a mix in between. My biggest achievments would probably be a vegan cook book, my merchendise distribution Djurratt.org and lots of grass roots/direct action campaigning.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Because the more vegetarians/vegans there are, the more alternatives to eating meat there will be. So then you'll make both the animals, environment etc. a favour, but also all other vegeterians and vegans... :)

Day job Reading, doing web sites, relaxing
Night job Watching Twin Peaks
Authors None especially
Directors Lars von Trier and David Lynch.
Bands Arkangel, At the Drive in, Bjork, Brothers Keeper, Cult of Luna, Damad, Dark Funeral, Dead Eyes Under, Dr Dre, D12, Earth Crisis, Eminem, Endeavor, Hole, Hooverphonic, Jay Z, Kent, Lamb, Limp Wrist, Los Crudos, Massive Attack, Metroschifter, Missy Elliott, Morcheeba, Mortiis, Naglfar, Nasum, Neurosis, Obie Trice, PJ Harvey, Portishead, REM, Starkweather, Suede, Tricky, Weakerthans, 50 Cent
Star Trek or Star Wars None. Would rather choose between Simpsons and South Park, where South Park would win every day... ;)
Guilty pleasure Vanilla ice cream
Turn-ons Initiatives, both common ones and more dominating ones. Some BDSM. Fantasies. Noticing the "hornyness" in people. Self-confidence.
Turn-offs Bad smell. Dead-fish kind of behaviour.
Mods One Starkweather tattoo and one elbow star.
Where I'm going Hopefully to the Netherlands. Otherwise to Bo01.
Sites & Projects SexRadikal.nu, Djurratt.org, LongDarkTunnel.com

Chris's photo set and recipe on Veg Porn:

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