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Alias Dignity
Gender Female
Location Northern Michigan

Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian for about two years.
Veg story I watched the peta film one day when I was bored. I came across it and thought is sounded interesting. So I put it in my dvd player and never looked back. Since then I am all about soy and veggies. I still haven't acquired the taste for tofu yet though.

Day job Lab Technician
Night job None
Authors I really like Meg Tilly right now, she is a gifted writing and tells her stories in a very detailed way. An all time favorite is Shakespeare. He brought out a lot of new feelings on love, war, and life that I had never have had before. Another would be Stephen King. He tells some pretty twisted scary stories that no one should ever even fathom. That kind of imagination must be respected in even the smallest way.
Directors I don't really have a favorite director because I am more of a genre type of person I really like horror films. I love being scared cause you know your aren't in any real danger from watching a horror film... unless you watch The Ring... Lol
Bands The used, death cab for cutie. 30 seconds to mars, underoath, norma jean, carving jennifer, darling waste, anchors for reality. They are all truly amazing bands.
Star Trek or Star Wars Star Wars.
Turn-ons Dirty talk, and I like my men a little cocky about sex. I like when they tell me what they are going to do instead of what they want to do
Turn-offs Men that I don't know that tell me what they are going to do...

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