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Alias Ewon
Gender Lady
Location Virginia... If I say that right it sounds like *conspiratorial whisper* Vagina *childish giggle
Email Members only!

Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian since 1999 (tonight I'm going veggie like it's nineteen ninety nine!)
Veg story Okay, this is soooo shallow, but I initially went veggie because I was dating someone who was veggie. A few months into the relationship I realized that since I didn't eat meat when I was with him -and I was always with him- that I might as well just not eat meat at all. Plus I thought it would make him like me more. When we broke up I thought that I could eat meat again only if I knew that it wasn't factory farmed (that's always been my biggest problem, the horrible cruelty in which these animals are raised. Shit, we're killing them in the end and they don't even get a good life? How is that fair?) but living in a small town that wasn't an option so I kept on with being veggie. As I became more involved in the activism community I realized that being veg*n makes sense on SO many levels and became more and more loathe to start eating meat again. Recently I saw the movie "Peaceable Kingdom" at the SARA conference. Eating meat isn't really an option anymore. I'm considering becoming vegan.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already It's the easiest way to save our environment. Seriously. Even just cutting back a little makes a huge difference!

Day job Student and model
Night job Sacrificial Temple Whore to the 7-11 Corp.
Authors God, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Palahniuk, Mike Watson and John Boyd
Directors uhmmmm... *helpless look*
Bands The Hippos, Flogging Molly, My Bloody Valentine, Caviar and VAST
Star Trek or Star Wars You know, Lucas really shit on my childhood with the "prequel" crap, so I'm going to have to nix Wars and go for Trek. The original or Next Generation (my bird is named Picard actually). I really stopped watching after Deep Space Nine. Oh wait, I'm sorry, did I just out myself as a nerd?
Guilty pleasure Chunky Monkey ice cream eaten out of the container, coffee flavored soy milk and shoe shopping
Turn-ons Artistic hands, single minded devotion, musicians, curly hair, dark skin, androgyny, big eyes, intelligence and passion...ooh, and nerds, I love nerds
Turn-offs Meat breath *gag*, idiots, people who use aol speak or actually say IN CONVERSATION "lol", made up words that have become common like "conversate" or "irregardless", being in a rut, apathy and indecision
Mods Yes please. Okay okay, 8 ga ears, 2 inch tattoo on the small of my back, blue hair, three ear pierces, the typical navel and a septum on retainer
Where I'm going Wouldn't that be nice to know?

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