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Alias Fenixx Fey
Gender Genderqueer mama
Location Antioch, CA
Email Members only!
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Herbivore stats I've been vegan off and on since I was 14, stopping for anorexia and other gross yucky emotional stuff, finally committing myself to veganism in October of 2004, and then switching back to a vegetarian in November 2006... I'd like to go vegan again one day but right now it just isn't happening for me...
Veg story At 14, I met my first girlfriend, who was vegan, so I stopped eating meat and dairy in order to please her, then I gave up while going through really emotional things including anorexia and bulimia. After recovering from eating disorders I decided to look into vegetarianism more because I REALLY needed to start eating healthy food to heal my body. While researching, I saw what the animals were put through, the oppression we were causing them, and I knew I'd be a veggie for life.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Because we need to fight oppression from all angles, because no one is free while others are enslaved, and because vegans taste better!!!

Day job Stay at home mom (or stay at home mom-to-be until August!) who's changing the world!
Night job Lover, dreamer, mommy, revolutionary. Along with other things.
Authors Ariel Gore (editor of the Hip Mama zine, and author of some really great books), Emma Goldman, Dr. Seuss, Astrid Lindgren (author of the Pippi Longstocking books), Mattilda (aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore, who wrote That's Revolting!: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation)
Directors I don't watch enough movies...
Star Trek or Star Wars I never really liked either, but my friend Bry had me watch all of the star wars movies with him once and said I was way too femme because I tried to cuddle while watching them.
Guilty pleasure babycenter.com message boards, fresh raspberries (they're soooo expensive but delicious!), abnormally cute baby clothes that unfortunately uphold gender stereotypes, lots and lots of pillows on my bed!
Turn-ons Hot indie porn, blood, genderqueers, strap-ons, Breath play (asphyxiphilia), vegans, body hair, and people who feel confident in their sexiness!
Turn-offs Domestic violence, capitalists, patriarchy, SUVs, fatphobia, heterosexism, and people touching my belly button.
Mods I have my libret pierced, a heart shaped circle A over my heart, an anarcho-queer star on my hip, and a lot of scars in different places for various reasons. I also plan on getting another tattoo after the baby is born.
Where I'm going On adventures. care to join me?
Sites & Projects Aside from vegporn, I model for Erotic Red, and Red Handed Porn. Also, HipMama.com is the website for an awesome radical parenting zine that I'd love to tell the world about!

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