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Alias Gary
Gender Male
Location Salt Lake City, UT
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Herbivore stats I've been freegan/vegetarian since summer '01
Veg story I got involved with an animal rights organization after meeting them at their annual university encampment against vivisection, accepting a vegan lifestyle soon after. Since then I've modified my diet to accept food whose consumption doesn't benefit the animal exploitation industry and at the same time reduces consumption of food from all industries without regard to ingredients that would be questionable to vegans.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Meat tastes like shit. Cows are cuter when they're alive.

Day job Unemployment (it's hard work)
Night job Aggressive recycling
Authors Chuck Palahniuk, Derek Jensen, Howard Zinn, CrimethInc. Collective
Directors Dogma 95
Bands Form of Rocket, The Refused, Parallax, The Corleones, Vial Blu Chaides
Star Trek or Star Wars Don't fuck with a Jedi, seriously.
Guilty pleasure Cumming on glass? [see the first set!]
Turn-ons Dirty girls
Turn-offs Asparagus
Mods A really shitty @ tattoo
Where I'm going Punk rock heaven

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