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Alias Holly
Gender It's a Girl!
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Herbivore stats Vegan 1+ yrs vegetarian 7 + yrs prior to that
Veg story I don't remember consciously deciding to become vegetarian, it was just something that happened when I started losing interest in one meat at a time until there was nothing left. Eventually I said that I was doing it for ethical reasons, but I never really read up on any specific information... plus I'm very sensitive and rather enjoyed my blissful ignorance; confronting the reality of what the animals go through can be overwhelmingly painful. After receiving the encouragement I needed from a friend, I took the step into veganism & allowed myself to read a little each day--as much as I could handle--about the plight of the animals. Now you will find me involved in various aspects of animal rights activism--from campaigning against foie gras, to well...this :)
Why you should go veg if you haven't already ... when I hear that someone is veg*n, I actually purr...

Day job Human educator
Various Interests Bubble tea, knitting, crafting, learning to ride my bike, dykes, genderqueers, urban gardening, horticulture, cooking, thunderstorms, pink things, unusual planters, fresh cut grass, tofu!, walking my kitten, the mudflap girl, cotton candy, lip balm, lucite rings (lucite is a fancy name for plastic), vintage necklace charms, flip-flops, pOOchie, smell-good things, rescued farm animals, kiddles, the chipettes, making random craft oddities such as perfume, jewelry, marble magnets, flowerpots, & layered scrap-art.
Authors / Books Anything by Michelle Tea, Francesca Lia Block, & Neil Gaiman... comics by Jhonen Vasquez, Roman Dirge, Jill Thompson, & Neil Gaiman. The Dirt: The Motley Crue Autobiography. The People's History of the United States. Animal Agenda's Primer on AR. Annie Sprinkle's Post Porn Modernist. Planted Junk. Eloise! The Paperbag Princess. Dr. Seuss. I don't really like short stories.
Movies The Nightmare Before Christmas, But I'm a Cheerleader, Freeway, Welcome to the Dollhouse, TAMALA 2010, Jawbreaker, One Night at McCool's, U-Turn, Pretty in Pink, Back to the Future, Nowhere, Splendor, Friday the 13th 1 2 and 3, Jack Frost (not the family version), Never Been Kissed, Heathers, When Night is Falling, Gregg Araki Films, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Election Day, Bring It On, , Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Teenage-Bubblegum-Flicks, & anything where Cameron Diaz dances in her undie-wears.
Bands Bran Van 3000, Frou Frou, Deee-Lite, Laptop, Tegan and Sara, I Am The World Trade Center, The Murmurs, [old] Ani DiFranco, Madame Buddafly, Kid Rock, Bitch and Animal, The Go-Gos, Depeche Mode, Blondie, Melissa Ferrick, The Butchies, Ladies Love Cool James, Stacy Q, Britney Spears, The Muppets, Missing Persons, Belly, Alix Olson, Tori Amos, Danny Elfman, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, glAm rOck, new wave, & various techno beats
Star Trek or Star Wars Invader Zim
Guilty pleasure Bubble tea. ooOoOOOoo
Turn-ons Someone who can hold a conversation with eye-contact, veg*ns, glasses, girls who look like boys, tugging at short hair, being restrained.
Turn-offs Smokers & heavy drinkers... people who can't spell. Emails from strangers only talking about s-e-x.
Mods What you see is what you get.
Where I'm going Hello Kitty Land someday (with any luck).

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