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Alias Jack
Gender Transgenderqueer boydyke-- gender-neutral (or at least masculine) pronouns, please! It's not just political, it's my reality.
Location Where do you want me? Virginia and Ohio at the moment.
Email Members only!

Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian since June 2002, vegan since September 2004.
Veg story I read some Peter Singer in an ethics class and it just clicked. I'd defended veggie friends for years before actually taking the leap myself, but once I saw the logic laid out that speciesism is just another form of discrimination and exploitation we're trained to accept as natural, using arguments similar to those that "justify" racism, classism, ableism etc., I couldn't stand it any longer. I always intended to go vegan, and figured college would be the easiest place to start, so I've been vegan since beginning school.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Because you can. Just because homo sapiens are the most powerful animals on earth doesn't mean we should therefor exploit everything else. Non-human animals aren't there for us, and it's arrogant to assume otherwise. Vegism doesn't just save lives, it refuses to participate in the murder, enslavement and exploitation of other being.

Day job Student center info desk slut, non-profit junkie.
Night job Singer/songwriter, aspiring phone sex operator.
Authors F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joanna Kadi, Audre Lorde, Leslie Feinberg, Michael Cunningham, Natahan Long, Lynn Powell, E.B. White.
Directors Mike Hodges, Robert Altman, Harry Dodge & Silas Howard.
Musicians Patty Griffin, Deep Dickollective, Leonard Cohen, Richard & Linda Thompson, Björk, Radiohead, Stephin Merritt, Chris Smither, Laura Love, Pete Seeger.
Composers Kurt Weil, Benjamin Britten, Gabriel Faure, Samuel Barber.
Star Trek or Star Wars When I want stars I just look up (at least when I'm home in Virginia).
Guilty pleasure Vegan dark chocolate.
Turn-ons Pansexuals, trans folk and radical queers, anti-racism and multi-issue activism, German, having my hair pulled, being bitten, being tied up, strapping on my cock, sex- and trans-positive feminists, vegans, being teased, a mouth near my ear, being begged, responsible non-monogamy, singing (I'm a lyric soprano), talking dirty, [CENSORED BY OUR BILLING PROCESSOR FOR USING A WORD THAT STARTS WITH 'IN' AND ENDS WITH 'CEST'] roleplay... I'm rather easily turned on.
Turn-offs Mainstream single-issue GL"BT" activism, people who don't acknowledge their privilege, bad BO, animal products.
Mods A couple of ear holes from when I thought I was a (shh!) girl, though now earrings make me look more faggy than anything
Where I'm going Hopefully to a folk club near you.
Column Out Minds

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