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Alias Kristofski
Gender Femme trannyboy
Location Cardiff in term time, Leeds during the holidays, UK
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Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian since September 2004, vegan since July 2006.
Veg story I was vegetarian for a few years when I was young, but I moved to a school that did cooked school dinners and the veggie option was always practically inedible, so I went back to eating meat. I went veggie again when I started uni. My main reasons at the time were that it was cheaper and I was less likely to give myself food poisoning from dodgy cooking. Since then, I have found out more about the treatment of the animals, and also the fact that large areas of farmland are used to grow crops to feed animals which are killed for food, when these fields could be used for food for people to eat instead, which would be much more efficient and people wouldn't go hungry. I have lots of friends who are vegan, who have got me more into vegan food. I do see vegetarianism as a step on the way towards veganism rather than an end in itself, and I am currently "mostly vegan", which means I don't cook with dairy or have it in the house, but if I'm eating out or getting snacks I'll get something with dairy if there's nothing else.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Because, as humans, we are blessed with the power of omnivorusness, which means we can be ethical in our choices of food and still get all the nutrients ect we need.

Day job Visual communications student
Night job Artist, musician and general creative entity. I like being a Kristofski of all trades.
Directors Films: Terry Gilliam. Music Videos: Michel Gondry, Molly and Mariah, Chris Milk, D.A.D.D.Y.
Bands Momus, Kevin Blechdom, Printed Circuit, Arthur and Martha, Tiger Tunes, Dat Politics, Jean Genet, Truly Kaput, Drunk Granny, The Schla la las, Manic Cough.
Star Trek or Star Wars Neither. My nerdness takes other forms.
Guilty pleasure When I'm in Leeds with a telly, I have a bad habit of getting addicted to Hollyoaks (crap teenage soap)
Turn-ons Queers, confidence, pubic hair, dark hair/blue eyes combination, gender fuck, tattoos
Turn-offs Misogyny, shaved crotches, people who wish I had a cock
Mods None at the moment, though I'm planning on getting a Pete Fowler-inspired tattoo soon.
Where I'm going I'm considering doing an MA in film when I finish my degree next year, and I'd like to go on to make music videos.
Sites & Projects Myspace.com/kristofskimusic & Kristofski The Freak

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