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Alias Libertine DeCleyre
Gender Dyke-Boy... mostly girl
Location Chicago's Southside, IL
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Herbivore stats I've been lacto-ovo vegetarian since I was 11 years old, aka 11 years and I have been vegan for two years.
Veg story I went veggie to basically copy my sister who had recently done the same thing - what can I say, I was 11! But also I had just seen Free Willy [which since growing up I have realized sucks] and I couldn't imagine eating any more animals. I went vegan because I realized that free range is bullshit since 5 minutes out of a cage, according to the USDA, can be free range. Also, I learned of Dairy Cows lives being much shorter than those not used for dairy, forcable impregnation of cows, chickens having their beaks seared off, male chicks being thrown into dumpsters by the billions because their are considered worthless. I also learned of the environmental diaster that an animal consuming culture creates. And finally, being an anarchist, I must say if you want to stop supporting big business a good place to start would be the meat and dairy industries.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already See above. :)

Night job See my projects list... oh, and sleep is never on the agenda.
Authors Right now, Koushun Takami who has written Battle Royale... check out the book or the japanese film - amazing. Also, polyamorous anarchist Emma Goldman, anything written by Hanne Blank - bi poly fat erotica writer (wrote Zaftig - fat erotica, Big Big Love - sex book for fat folks), Carol Queen is pretty rad and I like Leslie Feinberg though she is a statist communist (and I say 'she' because that is what is she going by right now though that is fluid and she is on male hormones).
Directors hmmm...oh, Edith Edit who did Dominatrix Waitrix, indy porn I was in...she was really awesome and nice on the set. As for more mainstream stuff I'd say Beat Takeshi Kitano, and George Romero - two of my absolute favorites, Japanese film at it's best and zombies... who could ask for more.
Bands Anti-Flag and Against Me! (even if I'm annoyed that they signed onto that PunkVoter.com crap, all the anarchist bands on that list have some explaining to do), Prince Myshkins, PAL, the Coughs, Scott Free, Utah Phillips, Ozomatli, Thelonious Monk, Sun Ra, Dick Cheese, DeepDickollective (queer hip hop with the hot and awesome pointfivefag and fantastic others), Goddess (even though she played Michigan Women's Music Festival), and many many more local groups and solos.
Star Trek or Star Wars STAR TREK... ok, see I understand the obvious fact that Star Wars is better made and just consistantly better unless you are counting the more recent atrocities of episode Crap 1 and Crap 2. But I must say that I prefer Star Trek.. .I'm the biggest nerd you'll meet. For star trek I prefer Enterprise, though it goes up and down with the good and bad and I liked Voyager as a guilty pleasure despite knowing that the show wasn't that good. And classic makes me happy with the cheezyness. Plus I like the New Frontier books - they have a hermaphodite main character whose poly for some of the books... check it out.
Guilty pleasure See my star trek rant but also I like to laugh at reality dating shows... I don't know where all these ridiculous people come from. And why are there so many veggie chicks that put up with bullshit from meateaters on dates? If someone doesn't take your convictions seriously than why bother with trying to date them?
Turn-ons Seriously, pecan pie ...also, feminists, genderqueers, tapioca, vegan folks that also care about human issues and human-obsessed people that really fight for animal liberation, anarchists that aren't in cliques, folk singers - especially queer vegan ones, Jennie Mutation (my primary), having enough money to buy vietnamese snacks after work, smoking pot and then eating tons of fresh fruit from the supermercado.
Turn-offs FUR! Being asked, "well, what can you eat anyways?" Body fascism, cruelty to animals and humans, prisons, police, the presidency and the entire concept of ownership, needing money to survive, vivisection, war, military, Chicago Transit Authority (raising fares while cutting service in poor neighborhoods), catty factionalism, current mainstream healthcare system, nuclear weapons in anyone's hands, commodifying water and air, anti-choicers, transphobia, wage slavery.
Mods I have two eyebrow piercings, my lip pierced, my navel pierced and a huge black and red star on my chest with a circle A inside of it indicating that I'm an working class anarchist and that should outside influences attempt to make me sell out all I need to do is look down and remember what I'm fighting for.
Where I'm going If Bush manages to make being an anarchist illegal like Maine was trying to do than I'm probably going to prison. On a more positive note, I'd like to open the Unbound Books Resource Center with free good daycare center inside of it and work for the space and as a preschool teacher for the daycare portion. I want to go to school for Early Childhood Education and then become a preschool teacher while instituting a anti-bias curriculum, focusing on race, class, gender, and body acceptance.
Sites & Projects I'm a collective member of a radical online bookstore called Unbound Books. I'm also a collective member of Pink Pussycats, a homemade reusable menstrual pads/ organic cat toy company... site soon to be up. I am in the Chicagoland Anarchist Network, Chicago Action Medical (as a street medic - I treat folks when their beaten up by police at demonstrations and then send them back out there), Pomegranate - a radical health collective, and a few other free healthcare related organizations, Pilsen Comida No Bombas (Food Not Bombs), Fat Vegan website (in the works - will be up in couple of months, FatVegan.org), Queer and Trans Caucus of the Chicagoland Anarchist Network, Skillshares Working Group, Anarchist Stitch 'N Bitch. I help out with the Midwest Books to Prisoners project, Animal Defense League Chicago, October 22nd Coalition (anti-police brutality focus), and the Halsted 3 Defense Committee.

I also write zines: Fixing Her Hair #1, #2, and #3 (should be out some day), Unbound Books Vegan Cookzines #1-#3, My Little Ulcer Story. I am working on a pamphlet/zine on Female Ejaculation Education. I am working on the following zines: How to Survive Being Working Class, DIY Poor People's Pet Care, and a zine for and by partners of Trans Folks. Anyone can email submissions for any of these projects.

Also I'm working on teaching myself everything DIY (do it yourself). I've started canning jellies and jams, sprouting, composting, greywater, and soymilk from scratch.

Libertine's recipe on Veg Porn:

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