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Alias Liz
Gender Girl
Location Minnesota
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Herbivore stats Vegetarian since 2003, Vegan since 2004
Veg story My best friend did a Summer Stock theatre two years ago, and every time we went to see him, we'd pass this "chicken factory." It totally reeked, and you could see their little heads poking up all crammed together. It was so disgusting, and every time I'd say, "We really should stop eating meat," and finally, we did. So, basically, it was for the chickens! (But according to my father, it's because we couldn't afford meat. 'Cause, you know, meat alternatives are *so* cheap.)
Why you should go veg if you haven't already If you know the facts, I don't see how any decent human being can keep supporting the meat/animal product industry. And besides, all the cool kids are doin' it!

Day job Bum/Goddess-About-Town
Night job Fundraising for non-profit organizations.
Authors Alice Walker, Kurt Vonnegut, SARK, Anne Sexton, Toni Morrison, William Blake, Edward Gorey, Jeannette Winterson, Chuck Palahniuk, e.e. cummings
Directors The Coen Brothers, Michael Moore, Julie Taymor, Anne Wheeler
Bands Ani, Ani, Ani, Ani, Ani, Erykah Badu, Bobby Dylan, Elvis, Concrete Blonde, Dar Williams, P!ink, Tori Amos, Prince, Mark Mallman, Tenacious D, John Denver, The Argument!, Tracy Chapman, Patti Smith
Star Trek or Star Wars My honey loves the Star Wars, so I have to go with it out of loyalty.
Guilty pleasure Avril Lavigne, trashy chick magazines
Turn-ons My sexy-ass husband, the Ligurian Sea, acrylic paints, sleeping in and snuggling, tigers, fancy watercolor paper, biting, Prince, being talked dirty to, boys that cry, tattoos that mean something, septum piercings, girls with "boy" names, girls in a-shirts, girls that smell like patchouli (um, ok, let's just say "girls"), shiny black motorcycles, pale skin, Johnny Depp, Ani Difranco, people who know big words, honesty, obscure movie references, perfectly ripe strawberries, moans, safe sex, calling in sick to work, dancing in the rain, wonky teeth, appendectomy scars, Scottish accents, feminism, trust, volvos, black lacy underpants, learning, deep thinkers, chipotle vegetarian burritos, Me.
Turn-offs Stupidity, sexism, heterosexism, arrogance, fake tans, "President" Bush and his lackeys, pro-lifers, inauthenticity.
Mods Two holes in each ear and in each nostril, centered lip ring, sabot tattoo on chest, Tree of Life on left wrist, yin-yang on left heel, F-holes and Triquetra on back, woman figure on back of neck, more in the works...
Where I'm going Santa Fe, Amsterdam, the Ocean, Deeper.

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