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Alias Lucretia
Gender Venus of willendorf
Location The river styx ((“deep in the darkness, the chaos of time....”))
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Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian since about the 8th grade.
Veg story I have always loved animals. I grew up the forest, thinking of animals as my brothers and sisters, just as were the trees and the spirits. It horrifies me to see the wretched mutilation of these beautiful creatures- the world is not our property, and life is not our possession. So they do not speak our language- does this mean they are not worthy of respect? So they do not have our faces- does this mean they have no right to basic dignity? The laws look the other way. The have done so many times before, and quite wrongly. How recently was it that we held humans in bondage and spat in their faces, whipping the men and raping the women, simply because of their skin’s deep color? And the laws did not acknowledge this. How long ago was it that women had no legal rights, were ostracized for being victims of [CENSORED BY OUR BILLING PROCESSOR FOR USING A WORD THAT STARTS WITH 'R' AND ENDS IN 'APE'], and jailed for using birth control? And the laws allowed this. How recently was it that homosexuals were purged from government positions and arrested as communists? And the laws allowed this. Why do we think the law decrees morality? Indeed, the purpose of the law is simply to help prevent horrible infringement of rights, and since people rarely agree on what is a right, the law is perpetually behind the times. And who are we to declare that a god gave us animals as property? Who are we to presume to know the will of god? Don’t these same people argue that such pride is a deadly sin? Would a loving god create a living creature for the purpose of being tortured? Or is this God they speak of simply a divine sadist? This sounds to me more a description of the Christian devil, whom they themselves claim is fond of masquerading as god.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already

Even if you do not believe animals are sentient, and deserve the same treatment as humans, consider factory farming methods: factory farming methods are bad for the environment, and bad for humans. The recent Pfiesteria piscicida outbreak that devastated the Chesapeake Bay, causing massive death of fish, and subsequent environmental problems such as mass starvation of the fish’s natural predators, overgrowth of seagrasses leading to suffocation of other natural plant forms, and anoxic waters, not to mention the evidence of toxicity in humans who consumed these fish, was blamed on the poultry producing factory farms in the area, which caused regular leaks of toxic manure into the Chesapeake and other local waterways. Manure lagoons have often been known to leak into human drinking water, leading to spread of disease. Would you want your children drinking chicken manure? Would you drink it yourself? Factory farming methods often lead to diseased meat, which negatively effects the humans that consume it- the mad cow disease outbreak is a good example. This was caused by the practice of feeding infected cow meat to other cows- thus perpetuating the cycle of disease and hastening its spread. Factory farming practices lead to increased greenhouse gas production, leading to global warming, air pollution, and aggravation of such conditions as asthma, emphysema, allergies, and other respiratory ailments. Acid rain is increased due to ammonia pollution, aquifers are depleted, thus leading to more expense passed on in taxes for water refining, heavy metal contamination of soils occurs, and contamination of surface water is found in many cases. In other words, the crops people eat are becoming more and more toxic- even those that are organically grown. Your children and siblings who play in the creek are more likely to suffer diseases due to manure contamination. The contaminants and pollution are slowly destroying natural ecosystems and leading to the extinction of species and environmental problems. And about feeding the world? The typical North American diet requires twice as much water to produce as a vegetarian diet. A nearly vegetarian diet would so significantly be more economic to produce than an omnivorous diet that 6.3 billion people could be fed with the same amount of resources required to feed 3.2 billion from a diet consisting of 25% of calories from animal products. Indeed, a significant percentage of the grain produced in the U.S. is used to support the meat industry- roughly 70%, according the National Audobon Society. Still not convinced? The massive use of antibiotics in the meat industry is held responsible for the creation of antibiotic resistant “super bugs”, such as Escherichia coli 0157, which has been held responsible for a dizzying number of deaths. In fact, as few as 10 of these microbes can cause a fatal infection.

In short, factory farming harms animals, harms the environment, and harms people. For more information, including complete citations and information from such resources as The Environmental Protection Agency, The Audobon Society, and the New York Times, as well as vegan starter packs and health information, please visit Vegan Outreach

Still not convinced? If you go veg now, me and my sexy photographer will fuck your brains out. *(~winks~)*

Day job Student
Night job Illicit sex worker, documentary junkie, ethical slut
Authors Marion Zimmer Bradley, Raven Grimassi, Isaac Asimov, Jean M. Auel.
Bands The Stones, man! Black Sabbath, The Beatles (the later stuff, mainly) The Doobie Brothers, the Steve Miller Brand, Don McLean (kiss my booty, Madonna), Styx, The Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia for president!), Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, Jewel, Donovan, the 5th Dimension, and all the rest.
Star Trek or Star Wars Trekkies unite! Unless you wanna put on a gold bikini and shackles for me… *(~winks~)*
Guilty pleasure Guilt? what’s guilt?
Turn-ons Chocolate, flavored things, blood, bondage, 20 year old virgin goth boys I can scandalize (yes, chrissy, I mean you!), beautiful women, redheads (don’t care if it’s natural, just as long as it’s good), jet black hair (see red hair comment), goths, pagans, bisexuals, strap ons, men in drag, sex toys, lingerie, vegan leather corsets, black lace, pretend innocence, vampires (bite me, sugar), lesbians, cocks, pussy, breasts, curvy women, long hair (all sexes, please!), femmes, strong men, nerds, seven of nine, roses, good porn, traumatizing those silly politically correct people, voyeurs who get off to my exhibitionism, period clothing, rennies, shoes, pvc, my vibrators, my boyfriend, the first girl I ever slept with, who looks a hell of a lot like Dorothy Laine, moaners/screamers, velvet and silk, insanity, sexy shoes, swanky jewelry, dark skin, pale skin, my professors, the ability to argue about philosophy with me at length, and safe sex.
Turn-offs Smokers, drunks (as apposed to people who only drink socially and occasionally), wife beaters, pedophilia, scat, “water games”, REAL [CENSORED BY OUR BILLING PROCESSOR FOR USING A WORD THAT STARTS WITH 'R' AND ENDS IN 'APE'] (as apposed to obviously consensual fake porn [CENSORED BY OUR BILLING PROCESSOR FOR USING A WORD THAT STARTS WITH 'R' AND ENDS IN 'APE']), people who touch my butt without asking, people who seriously think i’m going to let them pee on me (seriously- what the hell?), reality, idiots who can’t handle the concept of a one night stand and stalk me afterward, lesbians who aren’t actually attracted to women, straight chicks who want to get in my panties as long as I don’t tell, friends who betray me, jealousy, monogamy, christianity, fascism, fundies, people who accuse me of being psychotic because I’m a sex worker and prefer rocky road to vanilla, homophobes, racists, Brahms (the composer), term papers, TAs who think sex with their students is a bad thing, evil bosses who tell me not to make out in the break room, people who inform me I’m going to hell, bullshit Satanists who call themselves witches, bestiality, rimming, anti-pagans, and people who make assumptions about what I’m into and don’t ask me before they try anything.
Mods Two holes in each ear, and a long, torrid history painted on my body in scars.
Where I'm going To oblivion and back.
Sites & Projects I’m eventually going to set up my own site, and hope to be part of Furry Girl’s EroticRed site when it goes up. Otherwise, I am painstakingly slowly writing a novel, and studying towards first degree initiation, as well as secretly plotting to die alone surrounded by masterpiece paintings of mine that no one ever saw before.
Interests Painting, reading, music (classic rock), animals (pets), herbal medicine, art, sex, bondage, rock and roll, women, men, in betweens, good food, sex shops, shopping in general, having money to go shopping, renn faires/reenactments, walking everywhere barefoot, making porn, natural environments, survivalist camping, fire, cats, snakes, frogs, avoiding cleaning the house, hippiness, general sluthood, attempting to grow my hair down to my ankles, erotica, making my own tie dye tapestries, o and can't forget paganism! :)
What you should not even bother to try with me Convincing me to play potty games, telling me that men are naturally better than women, trying to get up my butt, asking me to lick your ass, trying to convert me, giving me the speech about how I’m going to hell, trying to convince me that my cat is not a person, telling me I’m sane, telling me that you’re sane, pretending that being slutty is a bad thing, trying to convince me that you’re too pure for safe sex, and hitting me when I didn’t ask you to.
Movies the birds, hitchcock’s psycho, but I’m a cheerleader, the lord of the rings movies, the harry potter movies, bend it like beckham, mona lisa smile, patch adams
TV shows csi Miami, csi, law and order SVU, judging amy, daria, penn and teller’s bullshit, animal X, boston public, sex and the city (o, yeah!)
Web comics sluggy freelance, queen of wands, oh my gods, phd
Role models bettie page, the goddess Aradia, Shayasiia, my cat, maragret sanger, Kinsey.

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