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Alias Patris
Gender Male
Location Florida
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Herbivore stats I've been Vegan for maybe 2 years now. Thanks to my ever-amazing girlfriend. 
Veg story I started dating Jess. We got seperated for a couple weeks, I wasn't vegan yet but was on my way and so in the midst of my stomach pains and sadness from being away from her, I started eating strictly vegan. I was just around all this nasty shite that people were eating and I was completely turned off and sick so I just set myself to it and became vegan. 
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Because it's insane not to. For not hurting others, animals, people, yourself. Even if you're vegetarian you're still promoting the tortured life of a milkcow. All the food we feed the animals we kill everyday, could be fed to us. I mean death for no reason is murder isn't that right Mr. Morrissey?

Day job Father and Lover (although those are not slavery-death-jobs, That is my happy life) Jobwise: Sexy Secretary, in otherwords; well dressed and crazy-clothed
Night job Musicmaker word spewer and all around trier
Authors P.D. Ouspensky, Casteneda, Jim Morrison's Poetry.....
Directors David Lynch, Jean Luc Godard, Stanley Kubrick, P.T. Anderson... many more
Bands The Fall, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, The Birthday Party, Nine Inch Nails, Magazine, Pixies, Joy Division.... 
Star Trek or Star Wars Star Wars, because it's overall meaning is the essence of life. No lie you fuck.
Guilty pleasure Shitty songs on the radio to sing with your love, Giraffes
Turn-ons Jumpin' J 
Turn-offs Bad faces
Mods Tattoo
Where I'm going The place we forgot we are, and not alone its all together
My sites/projects My music, let me know what you think

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