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Alias Pitta (pih-tuh)
Gender Dyke
Location Currently between New York, New England and Ohio
Email Click here to email Pitta
Wishlist Roller skates, a metallic silver unitard, sex toys, The Drag King Book, a complete set of Dykes to Watch Out For

Herbivore stats I've been vegetarian since 2001. Now I’m flirting with veganism.
Veg story After I read The Jungle in 2001, I was so disgusted and horrified by the atrocities of the meat industry that I went veggie. My eating habits are also heavily influenced by the Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic diets, which both emphasize vegetables, whole grains and vegetable protein and help me to achieve balance in my physical and mental health. Plus, as many have already stated, herbivores taste the best!
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Why eat animals? After all, people are animals, too.

Day job Art model, yoga student, dreamer of dreams
Night job Mover and shaker
Authors Alice Walker, Alison Bechdel, Twyla Tharp, E.L. Doctorow, Dostoevsky, Judith Halberstam, Del La Grace Volcano, Toni Morrison, Joyce Tenneson, Khalil Gibran, Audre Lorde, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez
Directors Lisa Cholodenko, Almodovar, Tim Burton, David Lynch, Truffaut, John Cameron Mitchell, Fellini
Bands Jill Scott, Scissor Sisters, Miss Kitten, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Basement Jaxx, Rosemary Clooney, TV on the Radio, Me’chell Ndegeocello, Gogol Bordello, Sleater-Kinney, Brazilian Girls, Massive Attack, DJ SoCalled, Ofra Haza, Balkan Beatbox, Natacha Atlas, Scream Club, Skeletonbreath, Portishead, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Branford Marsalis, Bjork, Hanifah Walidah, Deepdickollective, Cecelia Bartoli, Fritz Wunderlich, Anais Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Sara Grace, Lunachicks, Diamanda Galas, David Bowie, Cat Power, Heavyweight Dub Champion, anything good and live
Star Trek or Star Wars I like Star Trek for the unitards, but I like Star Wars (the original) for the metal bikini and the cinnamon bun hair.
Guilty pleasure Super trashy TV, meaning reality stuff and the L-Word. And I’m soooo guilty about it!
Turn-ons Dancing, queers and queerness, androgyny, exquisite choreography, soulful performances, words that engulf me and spin me around, vanilla and patchouli (especially together), body modifications, breasts, asses, water, fire, neo-burlesque, drag, nature, food, exhibitionism.
Turn-offs Breaking of the golden rule, the self-loathing that the media propagates in order to sell shit
Mods 9 piercings, and more mods to come (see turn-ons) ...
Where I'm going Wherever the fuck I want.

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