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Alias Ruby
Gender bi girl-thing
Location wherever they just put out a mysterious fire...
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Herbivore stats Vegetarian since November 1995
Veg story From the time I was a very young kid, I was very put off by meat and would only eat a few things (provided they were burnt like the devil's shorts, to mask the ickyness I presume). When I was a teen I became quite sick from an unrelated illness and couldn't eat ANYTHING for more than two months. When I regained some of my health and headed back to the kitchen, I couldn't stomach the thought of even putting the few meaty delicacies that I would previously pick at in my mouth, so I just said "forget it!". Haven't missed it nor regretted it a day since. Over the summers I usually eat raw vegan dishes for a change of palate.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Herbivores have more energy in bed because we aren't bloated full of steak. Besides, everybody knows we taste the best. Go eat a vegetarian. You'll see. ;P

Day job Ruby-Of-All-Trades
Night job Provocateuse
Authors Kathy Acker, Chuck Palahniuk
Directors Robert Rodriguez, Stanley Kubrick
Bands glances down at mp3 player) Engine Down, Celldweller, Orgy, Rasputina, Placebo, Bowie, System of A Down, Shotmaker, Johnny Cash, Sigur Ros, Our Lady Peace, NIN, Korn, Afro Celt Sound System, Govinda ... plus a million more. I have fallen in love with the band Beirut, recently. I listen to a lot of arabic and greek music as well, being part of the territory for a bellydancer, though I shimmy to a crapload of industrial, darkwave and breakbeat, too.
Star Trek or Star Wars Give me tribbles!
Guilty pleasure old lady crafts
Turn-ons My fetish for hands and wrists, hair brushing my skin, indiscernible accents, bites, mods, over-accessorizing, chains, wild intelligence, motorcycles/choppers, dirty dancers, anything black and shiny
Turn-offs boastfulness, stereotyping, piggishness, self-consciousness, complacency, conceit, apathy
Mods Mostly piercings of which there are currently 11 and one 12-year-old tat whose family is soon about to grow. :)
Where I'm going the mystical place where all the boyish girls and the girlish boys frolic naked

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