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Alias Veronica
Gender Female
Location RI
Email Members only!

Herbivore stats Vegan 3 years
Veg story I was vegetarian for about 3 months, then I started reading about the dairy industry. It made me sick to know all the things that are done to animals so I knew I had to become vegan, and I am really glad I did.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Compassion. If you don't want to be caged up and given growth hormones and get the crap beat out of you, then why would you want to pay people to do those things to animals who feel pain just like us?

Day job Paper or plastic?
Night job Dork
Authors I don't really have any. I don't think I have more than one book by the same author
Directors Kubrick
Bands Bane, Stretch Armstrong, Bjork, At Will, Portishead, Bob Marley, Beatles
Star Trek or Star Wars Star Wars
Guilty pleasure Baked goods
Turn-ons Girls, shaggy hair on boys, sexy voices
Turn-offs People who treat me or anyone else like crap
Mods Tongue, industrial, gauged ears. Tattoo of a sun with my mom's name on back, and Taurus symbol near pelvic bone
Where I'm going Maybe to massage school when I am not so poor

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