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Alias XAkk
Gender Male
Location St. Cloud, Minnesota, U$A
Wishlist I have all that I want. Thanks. ;)

Herbivore stats Vegan since May '04 (vegetarian prior to that for about a year and a half)
Veg story Years of waffling back and forth - ridiculous, once I really thought about it, so with the support and encouragement of Liz, my lovely wife, I dropped outta the omnivore club.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already If you can walk up to ANY animal, look it in the eye and not see sentience, emotion and fear of death, then I guess you wouldn't listen to my reasoning. However...if you can see these things, then you already know why you should go veg!

Day job Full-time [business!] student
Mid-day job Savers Thrift Department Store - Chancellor of Media & the Written Word
Night job Quality Ass-urance guy at a call center for non-profit fundraising
Authors Robert A. Heinlein, David Eddings, Katherine Kurtz, Terry Brooks
Directors The almighty Coen Bros!
Bands Oh, dear...where to start? New Model Army, Seven Seconds, Social Distortion, any band that Ernst of New Disorder Records has been in, The Offset, Mother of All Bombs, The Clash, The Smears, Apocalypse Hoboken, L7, Tom Waits, Buglite, Johnny Cash, Concrete Blonde, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees AND The Creatures, Bob Dylan, The Gits, The Avengers, Mark Mallman, The Ramones, The Quincy Punx, The Skabs, The Sonics, The Red Satyrs, The Midnight Evils, The Modern Machines............ have you got a day or two??
Star Trek or Star Wars Star Wars (another long story could ensue, but I'll spare you)
Guilty pleasure Friends (the show, not real people)
Turn-ons Liz, atypical people, good rock'n'roll, warm mornings in bed, that little glimpse of hip you get when a short shirt is worn under bibs, lug-soled boots on women, good moans, looking but not touching while she masturbates, true intimacy...lotsa things as long as they're not forced
Turn-offs Morons who press their agendas without regard for anyone else, plastic people, unwarranted superiority, misogyny
Mods Look at the photos and make a game of it: find 5 holes and roughly 15 illustrations (depends on how you count some)
Where I'm going Anywhere Liz goes. The ocean, around the world, to our castle, wherever I damn well please!

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