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Alias Zeb
Gender Boy
Location Los Angeles
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Herbivore stats I have been vegetarian since 1998 and vegan for about 3 years.
Veg story My best friend ozzie turned me on to vegeterianism for ethical and political reasons. It was a long transition to veganism (with the help of trashmonk and others), but it just makes more sense to me.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Socially conscious vegans are sexy!

Day job Grad student studying history and the intersections of sexuality, colonialism, and religion in colonial Mexico, 1600-1800.
Night job Safe porn, safe bdsm work
Authors Richard von Krafft Ebing, Ronaldo Vainfas (Tropico dos Pecados: Moral, Sexualidade e Inquisição no Brasil), Linda Williams (Hardcore, Porn Studies), Pete Sigal, Erica Fudge's work on Animal Studies, The God of Small Things, Dogeaters, Tanizaki Junichiro, the short story "Rabbits" by Kanai Mieko...
Movies Suicide Club, Tetsuo, Snake of June, Empire of the Senses, Lies, Dumplings, Three Extremes, The Audition, Oldboy, The Iron Ladies, 3-Iron, Donnie Darko, Earthings (Shaun Monson)...
Bands The Castanets, Black Heart Procession, The Cure, The Peanuts, Mum, The Faint, Wonkavision.
Guilty pleasure Organic red wine and dark chocolate.
Turn-ons People who are critical, challenging the conventions of consumption and waste, vegan restaurants in LA, hard kissing, breath play, chuva dourada, archival based historical studies of sexuality, lucidly written queer studies, synchronized napping (hehe) and cooking soups with veggie fish, good conversation, piercings, o estacionamento no Extra (muah!) com alho poró, digital cameras and short movie clips, xmas lights in apartments, cooking and drinking sake with fishself in koreatown =)
Turn-offs Apathy.
Mods Piercings and "vegan"/"saishoku" tattoos
Where I'm going Mexico City to do research in historical and judicial archives... and to eat at the best veggie/vegan Mexican restaurant ever near Metro Etiopia in the Colonia Narvarte.
Sites & Projects See my horribly un-updated website at zeb.bol.ucla.edu

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