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Alias Zeraph
Gender Elf boy/faerie/faggot
Location Maine

Herbivore stats Vegetarian since May 2004
Veg story I attended a protest against Kentucky Fried Chicken while I still was eating chicken and fish. I initially went to make a statement about the way KFC in particular treated chickens; after the protest I couldn't imagine putting any meat in my mouth again.
Why you should go veg if you haven't already Because meat is filled with chemicals and feces; because meat comes from sentient beings who have been abused in a way that, were they cats or dogs, their keepers would be arrested; and because our culture's meat addiction is ruining our environment and filling our bodies with toxins and cholesterol.

Day job Humane Society volunteer, GBLT/HIV educator, zine Distro operator, loafer, planter of seeds
Night job Artist, model, lover
Authors Leslie Feinberg
Directors Todd Haynes, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino
Bands Beck, Moby, Scissor Sisters, Rammestein, Moldy Peaches, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Basement Jaxx, Golden Palominos, Barenaked Ladies,Forest of Shadows, The Cure, David Bowie, Placebo, Tom Waits, Brian Eno
Poets Nicole Blackman, Allen Ginsberg, Rumi, Rimbaud, Walt Whitman, Pedro Pietri, David Lerner
Guilty pleasure I'm never guilty about pleasure.
Turn-ons Chaos, faeries, queers, fags, combat boots, eyeliner, gentle spirits, chubby boys, skinny boys, stubble, intelligence, making porn, dreadlocks, mohawks, nail polish, safe sex, short shorts, toys, artists
Turn-offs Jocks, junkies, pain, dull minds, being called s-h-e
Mods Some holes in my ears
Where I'm going Who knows?
I'm also on NoFauxxx.com

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